We believe there is a solution for every logistics challenge. At Rijnaarde Global Trading & Logistics, we therefore go the extra mile to get your goods from A to B quickly and safely. This is how we ensure tight logistics operations over water. With great pleasure and expertise, we transport dry and liquid goods across European waters and far beyond. Our team is at your service day and night.

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A solution to every transport need

We have a fleet of vessels with which we transport more than six million tonnes of dry bulk goods via Europe's inland waterways every year. We are also involved in sea shipping, storage, transhipment, pre- and post-haulage and trading in raw materials for civil engineering. We understand logistics inside out and, together with our national and international partners, can always find the right solution to resolve our clients’ logistics challenges. By expanding with Rijnaarde Liquid Barging, we can also safely transport liquid products such as (bio)fuels and chemicals.


We use our knowledge and experience

Rijnaarde was established on 17 February 2003. At that time we were mainly involved in inland shipping. 20 years later and a huge amount of knowledge and experience richer, Rijnaarde Global Trading & Logistics has expanded to become a global logistics services provider that goes further than just maritime transport.

We have a fleet of vessels ranging in size from 1,200 to 7,000 tonnes. With this total loading capacity of some 100,000 tonnes, we transport more than 6 million tonnes of goods -dry and liquid- on Europe's inland waterways every year.

A solution for every transport need

We are happy to help you with shipping, storage, transhipment, pre- and post-transport and trade in raw materials for road and waterway construction. We know our way around and know how to find the right way with our (inter)national partners to meet our customers' logistics challenges.

Call us, we make sure it gets done

Our close-knit team is the secret to Rijnaarde’s success. Each and every team member is a professional with sound expertise and experience in transporting coal, ore, wood, biomass, building materials, steel products and gmp goods. And also the transport of your specific materials. We like to keep the lines short so we can act quickly. You call, and we make sure it gets done.

Cooperation is in our DNA

Rijnaarde has been part of the K3 organisation since October 2017. Five businesses working together to make the landscape and environment even more appealing. We collaborate on creative and innovative solutions of value to people, animals, the environment and the landscape. For now and for the future.

Sustainable inland waterway transport

Inland shipping is already a clean form of transport by nature, but there is always room for improvement. Something we at Rijnaarde like to work for. For our customers and for the environment.