Taking an extra step forward we gladly do at Rijnaarde. For our customers and for the environment. Inland shipping is inherently a clean form of transportion, but we can always improve things. Something we are committed to. 

Headerphoto: © Aerofoto Brouwer-Brummen

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Green Deal for martime, inland shipping and ports

Within the Green Deal, agreements have been established between the inland shipping industry and the government to make inland shipping, maritime activities and ports more sustainable. The primary goal is to achieve emission-free and climate-neutral inland shipping by 2050. 

Taking care of a better environment yourself

How can we ensure even cleaner shipping? Together with our environment. Rijnaarde is currently assessing what we can collectively do to embrace a greener future. This involves collaboration with our skippers wherever possible, as they are our extension on the water. We are investing in the greening of ship engines and aiming to transition some of our vessels to biofuels as soon as possible, with the intention to expand this number rapidly. 

We also achieved our first Green Award for mts Spectre. A Green Award is a certification for ships that meet high standards in terms of safety and environment. We are well on our way to achieving a Green Award for the other ships in our fleet.

In this way, we aim to take our responsibility and contribute to the sustainability of the entire logistics chain. Because we are well aware that taking care of a better environment begins with ourselves. 

Want to know more?

Do you want to learn more about how we take our responsibility to take care of a greener future? Or do you have ideas? Feel free to get in touch with us.