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What can Rijnaarde do for you?

Rijnaarde is the experienced partner in inland shipping. Transport over rivers, channels and lakes is our core business. Plus, we like to organise everything for you in the field of storage and transhipment of your materials in (sea) ports, we arrange the pre-transport and after transport and we can directly further transport your products. We do this over sea, via the sea ports, directly to your factory or storage yard in the West European back land. Plus, we are also active in the trade of building and raw materials in civil engineering.

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience that is required to be specialised in transport over inland waters and over sea. You can safely trust Rijnaarde with the coordination of the following work activities:

  • Inland and maritime shipping
  • Storage and transhipment
  • Pre-transport and after transport
  • Just in time logistics

Would you like to know more about our logistical services and skills? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Global trading

Rijnaarde is your partner for storage and transhipment of your materials in (sea) ports. If requested, we immediately ensure for a perfect further transport of your products to your factory or storage yard. We are also active in the building materials trade.


We gladly organise the complete logistical process for you, pre-transport, storage, transhipment, transport over sea, inland waterways and after transport. With our expertise we can provide you with a substantiated advice, support you in the processes and completely solve your logistical worries.