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About Rijnaarde

Rijnaarde Global Trading & Logistics

Rijnaarde Global Trading & Logistics is a private logistical service provider in the broadest sense of the word. Our name tells it all: we are specialised in global trade activities and logistics. Your transport – inside or outside Europe – is our care. Therefore, our team is ready for you every day to solve your logistical worries and to offer support with your logistical processes. Moreover, we strive for green inland shipping.

Rijnaarde was established on 17 February 2003. We have many years of expertise in inland shipping and therefore we were already supported by an enormous knowledge and a very stable customer base when we got established. Apart from our activities in inland shipping we have developed ourselves to a versatile company where we engage ourselves with inland shipping, maritime transport, storage, transhipment, pre-transport and after transport, in other words: the complete logistical chain. Plus, we are also active in the trade of building materials.

The team of Rijnaarde is small and close and efficiency is our top priority. Annually we transport a quantity of about 6,000,000 tonnes; therefore, we are very familiar with our sailing areas such as Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Switzerland. We have never stopped since we were established in 2003.

And we continue to develop ourselves. In January 2016 we started a new company in Germany, where a professional team is working really hard. One month later, in February 2016, the Rijnaarde crew moved to the current brand new office at the Van Heemstraweg 64C in Beuningen. With this new office we can accommodate in our facility for the continuous growth we are experiencing.

Would you like to know more about Rijnaarde? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we gladly tell you more about our company!


Global trading

Rijnaarde is your partner for storage and transhipment of your materials in (sea) ports. If requested, we immediately ensure for a perfect further transport of your products to your factory or storage yard. We are also active in the building materials trade.


We gladly organise the complete logistical process for you, pre-transport, storage, transhipment, transport over sea, inland waterways and after transport. With our expertise we can provide you with a substantiated advice, support you in the processes and completely solve your logistical worries.