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Rijnaarde Group

Specialist in water transport; that’s Rijnaarde. With our enormous knowledge on green inland waterway transport, short sea transport, bulk transport and special transport we are the logistical partner of many satisfied customers.

We have a fleet of private and rental ships ranging in large tonnage from 1,200 to 7,000 tonnes, with a total load capacity of about 100,000 tonnes and we annually transport approximately 6,000,000 tonnes dry bulk goods over the European inland waterways. The Rhine, Mosel, Saar, Neckar, Main and various other French, German and Belgian channels /rivers are regularly sailed by us. Furthermore, we provide logistical services for costal shipping and the trade in building and raw materials for civil engineering.

Are you interested in our logistic service? Please contact us and find out more about our services.


Global trading

Rijnaarde is your partner for storage and transhipment of your materials in (sea) ports. If requested, we immediately ensure for a perfect further transport of your products to your factory or storage yard. We are also active in the building materials trade.


We gladly organise the complete logistical process for you, pre-transport, storage, transhipment, transport over sea, inland waterways and after transport. With our expertise we can provide you with a substantiated advice, support you in the processes and completely solve your logistical worries.